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Croydon Council is working closely with Health and all our partners to keep our residents safe and informed.
If you are interested in a service or organisation listed on Croydon Adult Support, please contact them directly to see if they are open.
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Information for buyers

Welcome to Adult Support Croydon. Croydon’s new online e-commerce platform, where individuals looking for services in Croydon, will be able to search, choose or book,  health, wellbeing and social care services. Whether you seek services for yourself, a friend or family member, you will find a wealth of information to assist you in making an informed choice.

Adult Support Croydon was developed in response to changes within adult social care and the council’s requirement under the Care Act 2014, to develop the local market to meet the current and future needs of its local residents. The website is accessible to all members of the public and is an enabler in helping individuals to know what services are available within Croydon, where they are located and the cost of these services.

Adult to Support Croydon features:
An information and advice section, which provides information on organisations that can assist you with information and advice such as money management and help with staying at home.

A Services and Activities section, which will enable you to search for organisations in Croydon delivering a wide range of health, wellbeing and social care services.

A PA register, which provides a list of Personal Assistants working in Croydon.

An e-marketplace,  where you can find and access services and activities within Croydon. Individuals looking for local services in Croydon , will be able to search, choose, book or  buy health, wellbeing and social care services through the emarketplace. The e-marketplace will contain both free and paid for services. Currently services are not paid for via the website, but direct with providers.
The  Council intends to further develop Adult Support Croydon with a  a virtual wallet which will enable you to purchase services and products directly through Adult Support Croydon whether you are a self-funder or a direct payments user. 

Key pieces of information to note.

Whilst due diligence has been following during the development of this site, Croydon council and/or PPL will not be held responsible for any loss, damage or inconvenience caused as a result of using the site.

If you are vulnerable or you have any difficulty  in understanding the information  in this Guide, please ensure you speak to trusted family members or friends or a reputable organisation that provides information and advice. Some of these organisations are listed in the information and advice section.

 Providers on Adult Support Croydon

Before providers can be admitted to Adult Support Croydon, they must agree to abide by the council's code of conduct. You may wish to check the code so you are aware of how providers should operate.

The organisations listed on the Directory and the service and products listed in the e-marketplace are not endorsed by Croydon Council. It is your responsibility as the buyer to ensure the provider is able to meet your needs before you purchase any products or services.

Where a provider or organisation has been identified as having a contract with the Council,this is for information only.

It is  your responsibility to ensure that  a provider who delivers Health and Social care services is registered with the Care Quality Commission, before entering  into an agreement.

We advise users purchasing products and services found on Adult Support Croydon to seek confirmation of price and make transactions online or via email where possible, rather than by phone. This gives you a traceable record of the transaction.

Before you contact a provider
Before you make contact a provider, think about your personal situation - and what it is you want to achieve
1. Have you had an assessment of needs and been told by Croydon Council that they will pay for some of your support?
2. Have you had assistance with support planning?

Whether you are funding yourself or using a direct payment from the Council, there are some things you should think about before buying care and support. We have produced this simple checklist below to help you when choosing products and services:

Safety and quality of the service or product
1. Have you read the Council's code of conduct?
2. Are there any particular checks or accreditations you would expect to see?
3. Have other customers left feedback or ratings and are these favourable?
4. Do you know how to stop a service or return a recently purchased or faulty product?

What will it cost?
1. When you make initial enquiries ask for quotes.
2. You can make enquiries to several providers to help you compare value for money.
3. If you are not sure, ask for a further breakdown or explanation from the provider.
4. Ask for it in writing (email is fine) before you agree to anything.
5. Think about how you would like to pay - credit card, PayPal, debit card, invoice and so on.
6. Make sure the provider knows what you want and that you have all the information you need to help you make an informed decision.

What to do if things go wrong
1. Talk to the provider. Ask them what they will do to put things right and by when.
2. If there is still a problem ask about their complaints procedure.
3. Check they are working within the Council's Code of Conduct. If you think they are not working within the Code, remind them about it and report it to
4. If they are registered with the Care Quality Commission, such as a care home or a provider of personal care at home, contact the Care Quality Commission for help to resolve the problem by phone on 0300 061 6161 or online at
5. You can contact Healthwatch Croydon, the local consumer champion for health and social care by phone on 0300 012 0235, or email at or
6. If you pay for care home fees or domiciliary care yourself and are not satisfied with the way your complaint has been dealt with, or feel unable to talk to the care provider contact the Local Government Ombudsman by phone on 0300 0610 614 or online at
7. If someone has been harmed, or if they could be harmed by something a provider has or has not done, raise a safeguarding concern with Croydon Council's safeguarding adults service at If you feel it is urgent and requires immediate attention you can call 020 8726 6500, however if the person is in immediate danger then call 999.
8. If you require consumer advice in relation to goods or services you have purchased, you can contact Citizens Advice consumer service by phone on 0345 404 0506 or online at

And finally - remember you can help other customers by providing feedback about services and products you have purchased, so that when they are making decisions they can see what others thought. Please be one of the experts by experience - even if you are reporting your concerns elsewhere your comments on the website may help others.